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Creating environments for you to thrive in.

We push the creative boundaries and find lasting solutions for your business.


Workhorse is a multidisciplinary sign and graphics company driven by old school craftsmanship and service. We work closely with you to communicate your vision and provide lasting creative solutions that stand out among the rest. We pay attention to the details and don't mind getting our hands dirty.



I have been fortunate to be able to create custom signs and graphics for over 12 years. During that time I have been immersed in production, fabrication, installation, finishing, painting, wide format printing, sales and project management. 

I get most excited about the creative and fabrication aspects of the process. Finding unique combinations of materials, textures, colors, and styles is addicting. Thinking about how those elements can be assembled and then ultimately put together in a package that meets a clients needs, budget and goals motivates and inspires me every day.  

If you can't find me at the shop, I am probably rocking out at a concert, watching a good movie, spending time with loved ones or trying to find coffee. People that know me well will tell you that I am an expert at quoting "The Office" and am often caught singing the wrong lyrics to most songs.



With a background in graphic design and illustration and over 12 years of experience, I have tackled logo and brand identities, digital & print design, illustrations, environmental design, apparel design, creative direction and strategy.

I have a deep passion and love for art & design. My goal is to exceed expectations, deliver you quality and effectively communicate your vision so that it stands out and leaves a lasting impression. 

When I’m not obsessing over a project and playing music at obscene volumes, I’m usually out hiking in the mountains or on one of my frequent visits to Disneyland with my fiancé to spark some creativity. I also once got an 80% on an “Are You A Hippie” test.



Most of my professional career I have been in the client servicing and financial bubble, helping people find solutions and problem solving to help them reach their goals. Years ago I began helping my husband work on projects during my downtime and on weekends and to my surprise it ended up being a natural fit. We discovered we actually worked great together, and he sucked me into his world of signage and graphics. Six or so years later I'm still tagging along, reminding him to eat his lunch, and telling him that those aren't the actual lyrics to the song he's singing.

For me the creative process is the most fulfilling part of any project.  When we get to create something with a specialty finish, or intricate detail that helps the clients vision truly stand out from the crowd, those are the projects that get me the most excited.

Outside the shop, when I'm not being bossed around by our very opinionated dachshunds, you can find us at concerts, hosting game nights with friends and family where we make/eat way too much food, or out and about on adventures. Every now and then I'm able to rope the hubs into helping me with a project that didn't really "look" that difficult on Pinterest.